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Welcome to a world of rare blooms!


Flower Power Redefined.

Hi, I'm Ana Valentine, a professional artist with 

no formal training.


My artistic journey began after my grandpa's death when I challenged myself to transform adverse events into something extraordinary.

Artist Ana Valentine
butterfly vector art

Unlike many artists, I started painting as an adult and disliked it at first!

Looking at my happy art, you'll also be surprised to learn my childhood involved emotional abuse and neglect.

pink and purple butterfly

Turning negativity into incredible gifts is what I practice.

 For example, my artistic inspiration comes from living as a farmer, which caused me to develop arthritis by age 15. 

I learned that withouhard work, weeds would take over your garden. So, my paintings take thousands of brushstrokes to complete.

small flowers

I paint flowers because they face the

of life, rain or shine.

bright side

flower vector