handpainted contemporary art


Welcome to a world
of rare blooms.

pink gradient art
butterfly grapic with orange and blue

My name is Ana and

I'm an artist with

no formal training.


Traditional art spaces rejected me  for years!

Eighty rejections

made a muralist, and

I'm working to overcome

implicit bias.

Artist Ana Valentine
rainbow colors
butterfly vector art

I'm not the type of person who ever anticipated becoming an artist.  


(I didn't even like it in the beginning!) 

 Instead, the journey began after challenging myself to transform negative moments into a force of positivity.

bright pink divider line
pink and purple butterfly

Life as a farmer influenced my creations, and I promise the story is worth your time.

I learned that withouhard work, weeds will

take over your garden. So, my paintings take

thousands of brushstrokes to complete.

I paint flowers because they face the

of life, rain or shine.

bright side

small flowers
flower vector