Welcome to a world of
rare blooms!


Flower Power Redefined.

I'm Ana Valentine, a polymath artist with no formal training.


Traditional art spaces rejected me  for years!  

So, I'm overcoming implicit bias, and my creations are accessible to a wide-ranging audience. 

Artist Ana Valentine
butterfly vector art

 I didn't anticipate becoming an artist and disliked it at first!


Instead, turning devastation into a gift was how it began.

Light pastel rainbow watercolor background_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Image by Humam
pink and purple butterfly

Life as a farmer influenced my art, and I promise the story is worth your time.

I learned that withouhard work, weeds will

take over your garden. So, my paintings take

thousands of brushstrokes to complete.


I paint flowers because they face the

of life, rain or shine.

bright side

small flowers
flower vector