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Welcome to a world of rare blooms!

Artist Ana Valentine

Flower Power Redefined

 Hi, I'm Ana Volentine, a professional artist with a passion for bringing beauty and light to the world.


I watch bats glide over golden sunsets, track raccoon footprints in the morning, and enjoy life to the tune of birdsongs and rustling leaves. 

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Preserving Nature's Symphony

Unfortunately, the sounds of honking, engine rattling, and exhaust sputtering now consume my ears! 

Once home to hundreds of creatures, five-story Eucalyptus trees near our farm crashed down for the development of luxury housing.

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When the centuries-old trees were gone in under a week, I initially felt powerless... 

until I realized I could honor their memory with my art!

Now, my work shares dying knowledge of the natural world born from a lifetime of agricultural practice on a 20-acre farm, helping others reconnect to nature and hear its voice.


I paint flowers because they face the

of life, rain or shine.

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