Welcome to a world of rare blooms!


 Hi, I'm Ana Volentine, a professional artist with a passion for bringing beauty and light to the world.


I watch bats glide over golden sunsets, track raccoon footprints in the morning, and enjoy life to the tune of birdsongs and rustling leaves. 

white floral vector
tropica floral

Unfortunately, the sounds of honking, engine rattling, and exhaust sputtering now fill my ears! 

Once home to hundreds of creatures, five-story Eucalyptus trees near our farm crashed down for the development of luxury housing.

pink and purple butterfly

until I realized I could honor all the beautiful life I've seen!

Now, my work shares dying knowledge of the natural world born from a lifetime of agricultural practice on a 20-acre farm, helping others reconnect to nature and hear its voice.

tropica floral

I paint flowers because they face the

of life, rain or shine.

bright side

flower vector