About the Mural:

Going from a studio artist to painting structures larger than cars required a progressive sharpening of skills beyond knowing how to use a paintbrush. Beautiful Bird Garden was my first time climbing a scaffold, and it was challenging to carry all supplies up safely. My assistant and I also underestimated how long it would take to prepare the walls. We were in 33-degree weather priming until midnight, only to realize our paints were self-priming! In addition, I taught myself how to use a projector on a two-story building and correct for distortion. The projection was scary because we had to work in darkness, and the chances of being robbed were higher.

The final results are a dreamy mural in a shopping center with hundreds of daily visitors.  As my third public art project, this is an imaginary garden to help people deviate from reality. The bouquet of birds encourages viewers to imagine possibilities greater than they've ever known. In this unreal work, you'll find hatching babies, proud parents, and one regurgitation station. Look for the door in the bottom right corner to get a sense of scale.

Southgate Plaza

Sacramento, CA.
16.5x23 feet

Behind the Scenes:

Muralists have to deal with unforeseen challenges compared to artists who paint in their studios for fancy galleries. The most exciting thing that happened while working at this site was a woman stole paint to wear it like makeup! I was on the second tier of the scaffold when she crossed the caution tape and was entirely at her mercy. Thankfully, she applied orange paint like lipstick and white color as eyeshadow. Then, she left looking fabulous.