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Sparkling Peacock artwork

Beautiful Bird Garden

Paint smear 2_isolated

About  the Mural: 

Transitioning from being a studio artist to painting two-story structures required a progressive expansion of skills beyond handling a paintbrush. For example, Beautiful Bird Garden was my first time climbing a scaffold. It was challenging to carry supplies up the ladder, not to mention intimidating! Often, I would look at my hands and see blood streaming down because I accidentally scraped the coarse stucco wall while blending colors.


Key learning moments aside, the final result is a massive, surreal bird-flower bouquet greeting hundreds of daily visitors in an otherwise bleak part of town.  In this work, you'll find hatching babies, proud parents, and one regurgitation station with three babies in a nest chirping for food. 

Southgate Plaza

Premium professional exterior paint on stucco

Sacramento, CA.
16.5x23 feet

Behind the Scenes: 


Anthony and I established the outline for this mural using my Impression1400 Art Projector at night. The projector was stationed outside the painting perimeter (in the parking lot), making the image fit onto the wall. However, this method is dangerous depending on the location one is painting. A few alternatives include free-handing the design, using a grid method, creating a series of stencils, or painting the mural on panels installed by contractors.

On another note, a woman stole orange paint to wear as lipstick! This moment is a testament to the unexpected challenges muralists troubleshoot when making public art.