One of the most important things I've learned as an artist is the importance of flexibility. As a muralist, I don't choose the dimensions of each project like purchasing a canvas at the store. Instead, I adjust my artwork to each situation in an ever-evolving process. In this case, the challenge was eleven panels of varying dimensions on a ceiling, even surrounding a chandelier! Not to mention I was in the middle of someone's living room, and not a single drop of paint was to damage the property.


Despite the odds, I paint in the league of high-caliber artists who often have master's degrees in fine art and travel the world through their work.  As someone self-taught, sometimes pain is my teacher! Unfortunately, the cost of craning my neck upwards all day was severe pain and reduced range of motion. So, I would put myself to sleep at 7:00 PM! After scheduling three chiropractor visits, I learned the importance of wearing a neck brace while painting elaborate ceiling murals. The inspiration behind this work is 16th-century Dutch Tulips and trade. The color palette is simple to make it look like the artwork came from a different era.


Private residence

40x50 feet

*No photos capture all panels at once due to the size of this project.