About the Mural:


During the COVID-19 pandemic, I heard dozens of horror stories from artists regarding the financial strain caused by gallery closures and declining art sales. The problem with that mindset is artists are waiting for opportunities to arrive at their doorstep instead of making it happen for themselves. Most would be frightened of being an artist during this period, but I trusted success is a matter of perseverance. So I began emailing local businesses to share my talents. Three hundred rejections led to one "yes," from the fantastic team at Nugget Market.


Within a month after completing Unity, I went from not realizing I could make murals to painting what would become Roseville, California's most giant mural. And it was only my second public art project! Karen Salee, a retired art teacher, designed everything and she was thrilled to see her ideas displayed on such a grand scale for the first time! They depict Sacramento Valley's agricultural industry and farmers with dignity. The dairy section mural was so massive; the photographer combined eight images in Photoshop to capture its entirety. 


Nugget Market

Roseville, CA.
Interior paint on brick
4x32 feet & 11.5x93 feet


*Although I didn't design these works, I was happy to help another female artist. Plus, bigger things lay ahead in my future. For example, I'm on the shortlist of female artists to play a role in creating one of the world's most giant murals.

Behind the Scenes:


Completely out of character, I showed up 20 minutes late to my first meeting with Nugget Market leadership. My GPS led me to a water fountain in a golf course, and I called the construction site superintendent to apologize profusely. He said this was happening all week, and it's because the location was so new it's not on Google Maps. Soon after, I found myself the only woman working in a construction site that sometimes felt like a glass bubble. Going to the bathroom required special trips to a neighboring store because I was not about to share porta-potties with over 70 men! 

I loved working with the fantastic team and began acclimating quite well. However, the day the CEO came to visit, I happened to get sexually harassed by a worker in his fifties with a stomach more enormous than a 40lb bag of dog food! I hid on the scissor lift 25 feet in the air, embarrassed to reveal what happened. However, the redness in my eyes was a sign something was wrong, and this guy was about to get fired! We took a walk around to find him to no avail. Then we took several walks throughout the workday with no success. We later discovered someone was rushed to the E.R. with broken bones in their leg after falling off a multi-story scaffold! Since my main problem nearly died, I finished the job with no disruptions other than a massive storm that blew off sunlight roofing while operating my projector beneath it.