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About  the Mural:

Within a month after completing Unity, I went from not realizing I could make public art to creating Roseville, California's largest mural. Karen Salee, a retired art teacher, designed the artwork and she was thrilled to see her ideas displayed on such a grand scale!


The murals depict Sacramento Valley's agricultural industry and farmers with dignity. The dairy section mural was so massive; the photographer combined eight images in Photoshop to capture its entirety! While I didn't design these, I was happy to help another female artist. Plus, bigger opportunities await.


Nugget Market

Roseville, CA.
Premium professional interior paint on brick and drywall, gold metallic color
4x32 feet & 11.5x93 feet


Behind the Scenes:

While I may not look like someone who fits into construction, I felt proud each day I showed up to work with a hard hat! I completed the project on a timeline to assist the construction site superintendent. Furthermore, working evenings in an uninsulated building (during winter) required six layers to stay warm! 


During my several months working here as the only woman, I never used the porta-potty!