In the gardens of inequality, I'm a plant mistaken for a noxious weed.


The top art gallery near my hometown...

Prides itself in having the most art made by a man who illustrated Playboy in the 1980s. Today, they have dozens of naked lady paintings in an 89.5% male gallery.


My best friend and I shyly peered through their windows to observe the blonde-haired individuals purchasing art. That's when we heard a young man say this was his favorite spot, and he loved everything inside!​

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The lack of minority and female artists in these places is typical, making it difficult to notice perspectives are missing.

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What was initially a disappointment, became a formative experience and I'd like to share what I've learned.

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 Seeing the world through flowers is defiance.  

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The title of my rejections is "The making of a Master" because obstacles are opportunities for improvement.

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white flower petals
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My grandpa's determination inspires me.

At 81, he fell out of bed and slammed his chest against the nightstand! He spent the following six days at home in pain before driving himself 12.5 miles to the E.R. The doctors asked, "What made you stay home with twelve broken ribs?!" To which he responded, "I ain't giving up my football for nothing!"

A similar mindset guides me through the
ugly parts of each painting. I invest five layers of paint, hundreds of details and create the illusion of radiating light before calling them "done."

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