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There's beauty and opportunity for those who choose to see it.


Between 2019-2021 I applied to eighty art galleries and was rejected from all of them.


 Once, I saw an older man walking with a painting. The next time I saw his art, it was in the front window of a gallery that declined my work. While looking at his painting of abstract rectangles, I realized women must invest an unfair amount of effort to be accepted.


Thank you to all those who support my murals, because my paintings became gateways to greater things.

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 Here's  three examples of art accepted into

places that rejected me. These artists are great people and the commercial gallery owners are at fault.

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#5WomenArtists Quote_Joan Semmel_square_
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 If my dismissals were titled, it would be

"The Making of an Art Icon"

because I won't give up.

Lotus flower mural
small tropical flower

Delayed gratification allows me to push through the ugly parts of each painting, where others

might quit.

It takes five layers of paint and details the size of pepper flakes before I'm done. My murals follow a similar process.