Making art for the greater good.


My reason for painting is to bring people closer to the natural world which surrounds us.


After the first year of becoming a muralist,


I received news that I'm on the list of individuals who might create one of the world's most giant murals in Sacramento, CA! The budget would range from $250,000 to-1 million dollars. The goal is to create a mural more massive than 100 semi-trucks as a team effort between leading female artists.

Although I may participate in this fantastic opportunity, I've realized murals are not my purpose. Instead, I believe my job is to create art that influences people to take better care of our planet.

small pink flowers vector

Therefore, between 2022-2023 I'll be illustrating a landmark book. Until completed, I'd be robbing humanity of an important lesson.


The most important thing I've learned...

is to ignore the fear-based chatter of those who mean well and trust intuition. After college, I began working for the world's most comprehensive study of children with autism as a research coordinator. My family was proud, and colleagues reminded me of my fortune because the lab I was working in had an international reputation.

Yet, following a linear path felt wrong. I wondered what life would look like if I dared to live it on my terms. Then I began weighing decisions from the perspective of my deathbed and realized the most significant risk is living an unfulfilled life.



The first months after trading security for the uncertainty of being an artist, I'd wake up at 2:00 AM gasping for air! It felt like throwing the past six years of my life away.


Although it was a frightening shift,


it was an incredible lesson in calming internal anxiety about future unknowns. Now that I'm ready to make a second pivot into bookmaking, I'm less afraid because excellence gets noticed.

The desire to make a book stems from two things that create a unique perspective. First, growing up as a farmer on a rural 20-acre property gives me a form of dying knowledge as society becomes increasingly urbanized. Second, I have Synesthesia, and the chances of having its advanced forms are 1% in the adult population.

These combined insights make it my duty to invent a series of monumental images regarding the climate crisis.