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Tulip mural


Great art has no instruction manual.

small orange butterfly

Creativity is the opposite of throwing a dart  to hit a target.


Instead, I stumble around like a child and experiment with multiple ideas. The fear of making mistakes fades away, and I free myself from the expectation of pleasing others.


What emerges are novel creations that exist nowhere outside

of the mind.

peacock handpainted mural
Image by Humam
Southgate Hand Painted Mural
Ono Mural
heart vector icon


A.) Sketch

yellow bird icons

B.) Mural 

This takes 915+ steps.

The secret is...

Hours-long college lectures were where I began making circular scribbles. These abstract doodles have transformed into enough characters for a movie!

Light pastel rainbow watercolor background_edited_edited_edited.jpg

What places will these go next?


Anyone can paint...

artist work area

...but making things surreal is unique.

orange flower vector

Constructing magical worlds involves finding discovery in ordinary things. 


Sometimes ideas take years to develop because the linework is visionary and unattempted.

​Instead of
"normal" designs, these distinctive creations get people talking in our attention-scarce culture

small pink flowers vector

 Below are my roughest sketches, to show how incredible ideas can start with simple marks.

Paint smear 2_isolated_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

These sketches are a fraction of what exists in my imagination. A lifetime of drawing is not enough time to extract the thousands of ideas.

Now, here is art made by my grandma. So she may have been drawing the same thing for over 25 years, but I give her applause!

Grandma's Drawing of Flower Garden
white flower petals
white flower petals
Paint smear 2_isolated_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png