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Sparkling Peacock artwork

Withering Flowers Find Support

Paint smear 2_isolated

About  the Mural:


After painting UC Davis Medical Center, I believed it would never happen again. So when they asked me to paint the Cancer Center directly across from the main hospital and school of medicine, it was a surprise! The details of this creation represent how my abilities shifted after investing an additional 2,000 hours of practice. 

Withering Flowers Find Support represents a patient's journey to better health. You'll find birds leaning on each other, shining light, and saving one another from falling backward to emerge from a place of darkness. This location will become home to a 14-story patient tower by 2030! It is also another mural completed in 103-degree weather!

UC Davis Cancer Center

Premium professional exterior paint on concrete, gold metallic color

Sacramento, CA.

9x70 feet

*Final photos are pending. We are waiting on a new garden.

Behind the Scenes:


Falling in love with a squirrel is something I never dreamt possible, but here we saved two babies after they fell from a two-story palm tree! Between their uncomfortable rashes and little cries, the whole situation had me in tears. Thankfully, help from wildlife rehabilitation specialists saved their lives. 

Related to painting, I began keeping a color ratio calculation sheet in this mural and the previous ones. I paint in a single direction, working from light to dark. The mural's colors progressively darken by 25-55% increments to make it look like light emerges from the center. Unfortunately, I did not realize the value of saving my notes! Next time I will share more details of the planning process.