About the Mural:


When I painted UC Davis Medical Center in 2020, I told myself to treasure this moment because it will never happen again. So when they asked me to paint the Cancer Center in 2021, it was a surprise! This mural took place one year after I decided to become a full-time artist amid the pandemic. The details represent how my abilities improved after clocking in an additional 2,000 painting hours over the year.

Withering Flowers Find Support shows birds helping each other emerge from a place of darkness. You'll find birds leaning on each other, shining light, and saving one another from falling backward. It represents the journey patients go through, and this location will become home to a 14-story patient tower by 2030! 

UC Davis Cancer Center

Sacramento, CA.

9x70 feet


*Final photos are pending. We are waiting on a new garden and plaque because the university agrees this as a landmark.

Behind the Scenes: 


One day as I was admiring this mural from afar, I saw a baby squirrel fall from the top of a two-story palm tree! I was in a panic and called a doctor for help, to which he said, " It's not breathing!" That's when I started crying, and then the baby sneezed, so we knew he was still alive. I packed up over 20 cans of paint, picked him up with my bare hands despite his mange, and rushed him to the Wildlife Care Association. 

One week later, I came into work and waved at the man mowing the grass. Not too long after, I heard a baby squirrel crying from the base of that same palm tree where I set my purse down. I told myself, "A squirrel fell into my bag!" Then, I spent one minute rummaging through the contents only to realize I was STEPPING on the baby with all of my body weight! If I cried for the last squirrel, this one turned me into a wreck because I felt so guilty. My assistant, Kaylin, rushed her to the Wildlife Care Association. Both squirrels were given formula, placed in an incubator, and will live long, happy lives because they were unhurt despite how bad this looked. Again, this is a prime example of unexpected things muralists deal with while making public art thousands will enjoy for decades.