Contemporary botanical art
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Murals & Paintings

Progress is a rough road worth traveling.

Ana Valentine murals
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Inspiring bigger dreams in others through scale and design is my goal.


While I may paint walls, my real job is making landmarks.

Surreal flowers
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Ana Valentine art
surreal artwork by Ana Valentine
Southgate Plaza Mural
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No art degree, no problem.

room with beautiful artwork


Painting in kitchen

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Hiding art in closet

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Hanging art on walls

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First mural



What's next?

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tropical flower vector art

selected work

Ana Valentine Studio

While working in research, I'd explain to families on a weekly basis how I'm not an intern. When my colleague walked in, he'd get called a "nice doctor" yet we had the same job.

Similar things have happened while making murals. Dozens of times, people congratulated my male assistant while asking me,
"how does it feel to help out?"

My art has never been accepted into a gallery and now I'm keeping it that way. Staying silent is part of the problem, so here's my story.

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lotus flower mural


doesn't mean things start pretty.