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Green Leaves with Citrus Blossoms
Green Leaves with Citrus Blossoms

birds singing unencumbered, woven fields of splendor, and nature undisturbed inspire each artwork.

Golden Butterfly
Golden Night Milky Way_edited.jpg
Image by Kier... in Sight
How it began
Image by Olga Thelavart

Despite English being his only language, he spelled "hammer" wrong TWICE due to his lack of formal education. Yet, with determination he could build a pool with a filtration system and turn tomato bushes into 6-foot tall trees! 


In honor of his ability to create without a teacher,

I dedicated evenings and weekends to honing my artistic abilities for the past eight years.

Ana and Gramps_edited.jpg
Las Flores 3_Yellow 2.png
Image by Kier... in Sight
Golden Night Milky Way_edited.jpg
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