Progress is a Rough Road Worth Traveling


When painting, I create the illusion of radiating light and sparkles.


Such a glistening is like confetti, celebrating the beauty of life with zest and vitality.


This technique involves five layers of paint, 25-45 colors, and hundreds of details smaller than an inch!

Image by Humam
clothes hanging on white rack_edited.jpg
Ana Valentine art
surreal artwork by Ana Valentine
Southgate Plaza Mural

No art degree, no problem.

room with beautiful artwork


Painting in kitchen

art workspace
purple flower vector
boho chic clothes hanging on white rack_edited.jpg


Hiding art in closet

flower vector
Art by Ana Valentine


Hanging art on walls

tiny flower icon
Stunning mural by Ana Valentine


First mural

Hand painted mural


What's next?

small vector flower
small vector flower
small vector flower
Paint smear 2_isolated_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

This section is growing like a beautiful garden!

small pink flowers vector

Yet, it seems like I'm becoming a "crazy bird-flower lady," so I'll be exploring new concepts with future designs. Click on the images below for more details, or keep scrolling.

flower vector

There once was a time when painting a 5"x8" canvas would take me months or even end up in the trash! However, after years of dedication and practice on my own, I've successfully completed several murals that share my passion for nature, optimism, and unity. 

When looking toward the future, I envision complex gardens with surreal flowers beyond birds- inventing the uninvented because... 

Everything is possible or nothing at all; imagination is the difference.